Premium Shopper

Another helpful shopping for our customers. This is open to new and existing customers. This service can be provided to you right at the comfort of your own home. To use this service simply book an appointment with Shoerack Enterprise for a member of our staff to visit you and help you shop online. You will be helped to navigate around the website, you will also be helped to select and match outfits to fill your shopping basket and you can also be helped with making reservation for future items to purchase.

At present this is open for customers in Abuja and Lagos. All premium shoppers will pay a non refundable service fee. This fee is paid before your appointment with us. All premium shoppers has a minimum order price of thousand naira) plus a N2,500(two thousand five hundred naira) non refundable fee. All premium shoppers earn N25(twenty five naira) back for every N1000(one thousand naira) they spend with us.